Thursday 16 November 2023

Coming Soon: Fighting for Decency from Dark Winter Press

 Today I signed a contract with Dark Winter Press for my new crime thriller, Fighting for Decency which will be released July, 2024.

After drone specialist and newly licensed private investigator, Cody Marshal assists police in stopping the kidnapping of a young child, he’s hired by the boy's father to see why he was taken, in what will be, Cody’s first case. 

His girlfriend, a Toronto Police Officer, Taylor Brants, who also assisted in stopping the abduction, is placed on the investigation to find who was behind the attempt. As the live-in couple follow up on their separate investigations, they arrive at the same conclusion. The kidnapping was part of an elaborate scheme to raise money for the newly formed violent white supremacist terrorist organization, Pyre. 

Their lives are soon put in danger as they work to take down the deadly group before they can unleash their fiery hate upon the city. Will Taylor and Cody be able to stop this violent hate organization? More importantly, will they be able to survive the deadly Pyre?